Our Story

The History of Wayfort

Anna and Cormac are an atypical couple, their relation is founded on three ideas: diversity, love and commitment. There was nothing that predestined this Cameroonian and British couple to meet, except a strong passion that they share for chili.

It was during an evening together that Anna was able to put her cooking skills to good use by preparing her chili sauce recipe. It is this unique recipe with such a special taste that ended up seducing Cormac, already conquered by Anna’s charm.

Wherever they go, they take their chili sauce with them, knowing in advance that they will not find better condiments to enhance the taste of their dish. A real addiction that they want to share today and share with the world.

WAYFORT a chili puree made from fresh vegetables like you’ve never known before, prepared without vinegar, preservatives and without additives with a strong, fresh and uniquely natural taste. To accompany your everyday dishes and recipes.

If you’re like us and you like powerful and lifting heat sensations, let yourself be tempted by WAYFORT chili sauce which hits hard in just the right way.

Freshly Harvested Habanero Peppers

From The Field To Your Kitchen

Les saveurs

Wayfort’s traditional cooking method brings out the flavor that makes our chili sauce so very delicious and unique.

Only Fresh Ingredients

Wayfort sources its ingredients from local farmers to ensure only the freshest ingredients go into every jar.

Perfect With Any Dish

Our fresh chili sauce is an excellent match for many different dishes of cuisines from all over the world.