200 g of shrimps
100 g rice vermicelli
3 carrots
1 cucumber
100 bean sprouts
1 tablespoon of Wayfort pepper puree
rice cake


Cut your shrimp in half lengthwise, remove the black casings.

Cook your rice vermicelli, pass them under cold water to stop the cooking, reserve.

Cut the carrots into thin slices and cucumber, clean your soy sprouts.

Separate your salad leaves into small pieces as well as the mint, coriander.


Pass your rice leaf in warm water previously filled in a salad bowl.

Place your rice sheet on a clean and damp cloth, place 3 slices of shrimp, salad, a few slices of carrots, cucumber, mint, coriander, soy sprouts, Wayfort pepper puree (sweet or hot), rice vermicelli and finally add 3 more slices of shrimp.

Fold down the edges of the rice sheet as well as the edges, roll up the roll tight enough to obtain a nice roll.

Accompany your spring rolls with soy sauce.

 Good tasting

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